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I do a lot of programming in XNA, as well as teach it in CSE 473. This page includes some helpful tools and examples I have created for XNA.

ModelViewer image  XNA Model Viewer - This program allows you to load an FBX file and view it in XNA. It provides a way to test a model. It also exposes all of the bones associated with the model so you can determine appropriate rotation and translation axis.
Skinned Sample screen  Better Skinned Sample - This program is meant to be a much better example of how to do skinning and animation in XNA 4.0.
Exporting  Exporting FBX Files from 3DS Max - This page details how to export FBX files from 3DS Studio Max that are usable in XNA.
Utilities  XNA Utilities Maxscript for 3DS Max - It has always been hard to export FBX files from 3D Studio Max with the correct pivot points. This utility fixes that problem.